Wrong but So Right

Now this is not something I normally write or something I explore, but this was a type of story I wanted to try my hand at. 


My wife left me after only 15 years of marriage to run away with someone
from her yoga club. I was left to raise our twelve-year-old daughter Megan
by myself. This was somewhat of a challenge for me since I had always left
the care of Megan to my wife while I worked hard to build my business. The
business was doing well by that point so I was able to step back and act as
a consultant while I concentrated on the duties of being both Mum and Dad.

As time passed, Megan and I grew closer together; even throughout her
teens, she continued to surprise me with her good grades and healthy
attitude. We shared in the household duties and laughed a lot in spite of
having to deal with a lot of hurt. I suppose we were there for each other
and that made all the difference.

I found that taking care of Megan did not allow me much of a social life;
she and our relationship were my number one priority. Therefore, as she
grew and blossomed into a beautiful young woman of 19, I found myself ever
increasingly drawn to my computer each evening after she went to bed. I
first surfed the web looking for a partner or even a friend I could talk to
but with little success. I then, about a year ago, discovered a site
featuring erotic stories that had a chat room icon linked to it.

I started to get in the habit of reading all sorts of stories (some may
have been true but likely most were strictly someone’s imagination) that
aroused me to the point of having to masturbate to release the excitement.
For a reason I could not define at the time, I was particularly pulled into
stories about fathers having sex with their young daughters. Even though I
knew it was taboo, I could not help but stroke my erection while I
envisioned my beautiful 20-year old daughter Megan asleep upstairs in her
room. Whenever I did this, I would explode with an intensity that almost
astounded me.

One night around midnight, I was sitting naked in my den with the door
slightly ajar in case I heard Megan call out. I was focused so hard on the
story I was reading about a father fucking his teenaged daughter and her
becoming pregnant that I did not hear the door open all the way. I was
almost reaching my climax when I heard a gasp at the door and turned my
chair, erect cock in hand, to see Megan staring at my lap with wide eyes.
“Daddy, what are you doing!” she cried.

I blushed and my cock immediately deflated as I stammered, “I can. I can
explain, Baby”

Megan moved over beside my chair and it wasn’t until then that I realized
that the story was still displayed on my large monitor and she had raised
her eyes long enough to read a few lines. As she stood there transfixed by
what she was reading, I ran my right hand up her leg. Her skin was so silky
and she groaned softly as I touched her so lightly. Then she shocked me
with her next words!

“Daddy, I had wondered what you were doing in here most nights after I went
to bed and I have been creeping down and watching you through the crack in
the open door for a few weeks now. I got so hot watching you cum that I had
to finger my cunt until I came!” She went on. “I had to see what you have
been looking at and what has excited you so much so I have been reading
your history files and, Daddy, I have wanted your cock inside me for as
long as I can remember!”

As she said these last words, she climbed into my lap and straddled my
legs. I could feel the heat of her cunt and its wetness through the tiny
sheer panties she wore under her baby doll nightie. She started to move
slowly back and forth on my rigid cock and then pulled her nightie top off
and threw it on the floor. “Suck my little titties please Daddy! I need
your mouth on my nipples so bad!”

I lowered my head as in a trance, engulfed her hard little nipple in my
mouth, and started to nip and suck it. It grew even longer in my mouth. Her
head fell back as she increased her motions in my lap. Suddenly she pulled
herself away from my hungering mouth and stood up. I feared I had gone too
far but she quickly pulled down her drenched panties and kicked them aside.
Remounting me, she lowered herself onto my cock until I encountered an
obstacle; I immediately realized that it was her hymen. My little girl was
a virgin at 20 years of age! As if reading my thoughts, she nodded her
head, saying “Yes Daddy. I have been saving myself for you; I have always
wanted you to be my first. Ever since Mum left us and I saw what a
sacrifice you were making to take such good care of me, I have wanted you
and waited for you. Daddy, I want to have you be my first lover and my last
– I want to have your baby!”

Before I could express my surprise and hock or even question what I had
just heard, Megan wrapped her knees around my waist and around the back of
my desk chair and dropped so that I broke through her maidenhead. She cried
out in momentary pain and then started to grind her body against me as I
thrust deep into her tight pussy while sucking alternatively on her breasts
and nipples. Her first orgasm came so fast it surprised both of us and she
clamped her cunt tightly around my hard cock while she cried out “I’m
cumming, Daddy! Please fill me with your cum and seed! Make me carry your

I almost lifted her from the chair as I lunged upwards one last time and I
felt the hot cum boiling up from my balls and into her waiting pussy! I
lost count of how many times I came but it was more than she could handle
and it drips out of her around my cock and down my leg to the floor.

It is now seven months and many sessions of frenzied love making later.
Megan has been sleeping with me now since that first night and we just
finished decorating her old room for the baby that is due in about two
months. Megan is showing quite a bit already – she hasn’t gained much more
weight than that of the baby and its fluid but she is very round in the
belly and her breasts and nipples have grown larger and much more

We still fuck every night and often during the afternoon after Megan wakes
up from her nap. She is getting a little tired and does not have the energy
she had five months ago but we are taking good care of her and the babe.

As she has increased in size, we have found it no longer comfortable for
her to make love in the missionary position. Besides, we have been using
all kinds of positions from the very first time as we learn more and more
about what excites us. Now, Megan loves to straddle my lap with her legs on
the outside of mine and ride me like a stallion! As my cock drives into her
depths, we can almost feel the motion of the babe riding along with us! We
consulted her doctor about having sex for as long as possible and she
suggested if we were both enjoying it and the regular checkups have shown
no negative effects on our baby, then we can continue at least until the
last couple of weeks. Then we may have to rethink the situation – we do not
want anything to happen to our ‘love child’.

Many times as she rides my cock almost to the point of my cumming, I will
lift her up by the waist (even pregnant, I can still lift my baby), and
suspending her over my rampant cock – now slick with her cunt juices and my
own precum – impale her open asshole on my cock until I am buried to the
hilt! We have fucked anally many times and Megan loves the fullness of my
cock filling her nether hole! She feels so silky and hot and her anal
muscles grip and milk my cock until I explode inside her over and over
again! I cum so much that it oozes out of her ass around my cock and onto
my legs. Megan really likes to get dirty then, climbs off my still firm
cock, falls to her knees between my legs, and deep throats my cock! She
loves the slightly gamey taste of my cum mixed with her special rear juices
– we both make a point of douching and keeping our passages clean since we
never hesitate to tongue fuck each other in the ass!

In fact, Megan never passes up an opportunity and telling me to lift my
legs to my chest, she runs her tongue down the underside of my firm wet
shaft to my balls and takes them one at a time into her mouth to gently
suck on them and roll them in her mouth. Her tongue then slides over and
presses on the perineum (that sensitive spot between my ball sac and my
sphincter, which sends a shiver up my spine. Her tongue then starts to
slowly rim my anal opening until it starts to relax and I help this process
by bearing down. As my puckered hole blossoms outward and opens, she starts
to press her curled tongue inside until it lips past my sphincter muscles
and inside my ass.

Now I have to tell you; Megan has one of the longest tongues I have ever
seen and it comes to a hard tip at the end. I swear that when fully
extended between her lips, I is almost 2 ½ “long! When she slips the full
length inside me, and starts to literally fuck me with it, I am driven
close to insane with a need to cum again! The feeling of that hard hot
tongue and her lips kissing my outside rings as she fucks me is a sensation
that she knows I love and she enjoys knowing that she is driving me quite
crazy in the process! My cock, with help from her stroking hand, has grown
fully erect once more and Megan rises up on her knees to take my cock back
into her mouth. As she bobs up and down until I reach the back of her
throat, she rams two, then three, fingers into my already loosened ass and
pushes them all the way to my prostate, which she proceeds to press and
rub. Just like having a rectal exam at the doctor, the pressure on this
gland creates a combination urge to piss and forces precum out at an
uncontrolled rate! Megan sucks everything down as she madly strokes and
sucks hard on my cock.

Without warning, I cum again in what feels like a massive amount down her
throat and nary a drop is spilled as she gobbles it all down.

My baby slowly climbs up onto my lap and I bring her lips to mine as I
stroke her rounded belly and her shaved pussy; our tongues intermesh and I
taste myself as she shares some the cum she saved for me. It melts in the
heat of our kiss and she lays her head on my shoulder as I stand up and
carry her to our bedroom for a recovering nap in each other’s arms.

Two months later:

Megan, with me assisting in the delivery room, gives birth to our love
child. We name her Christina Louise and she is truly the most beautiful

As we lay together back home cradling the baby in Megan’s arms as she
breast feeds her – I am just now learning to love drinking at my baby’s
breast after our child is finished – we know that we want to have another
baby (lots more) together!


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